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Auction Services

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Land Auction

A seller-landowner typically wants to obtain the highest price or solve a specific real estate challenge. Buyers, on the other hand, seek to purchase property as reasonably as they can (e.g., never pay more than they have to, and never pay more than the last property sold)… and there is a minimum and maximum they are willing to pay. With our bidding format, a buyer can leverage all these goals while the seller is receiving the highest value.

With a private treaty sale, buyers seldom pay full asking price and the seller doesn’t know when the property will sell, or if the property will sell in 30 days or a year. If the asking price is too high, the property will become stale; if the asking price is too low and multiple offers exist, or if we receive an offer right away, you may question whether the property was properly valued. In other words, a private treaty sale can be awkward and cumbersome. An auction, on the other hand, is an accelerated marketing process that employs competitive bidding to achieve a fair market price by a specific date.