Senior Services

I never knew a service like this existed! 

Senior Services

Senior Transition Specialist

At Relocation Planners we offer a start-to-finish package of services to remove the worry by managing all aspects of your transition. We begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss each step of your move, from planning your new space, downsizing, managing the move process, selling your house and finally, settling into your new home.

Settling-in Services

Once the moving trucks are unloaded, your Relocation Planners’ team will unpack all your boxes and set up your new home. Your Relocation Planners team will do everything needed to set up your new home the way you want.  We will hang your artwork, arrange and hang collages, hang mirrors, assemble and configure your electronics.  Our goal is to make your new home perfect for you!

Our service includes the following:

Living Areas – Your furniture and lamps will be arranged according to the Furniture Layout Plan approved by you; stereo equipment and TV will be connected; books and decorative items will be arranged on shelves and pictures and mirrors will be hung where you want them.

Bedrooms –Your furniture and lamps will be arranged according to the Furniture Layout Plan. If you desire, your bed will be made and your clocks will be set.

Baths – Your shower curtain will be hung and your bath mat or area rug will be put on the floor. If you choose, your medicines and toiletries will be organized and put away.

Kitchen – Your dishes, cookware, utensils, and food will be organized and put away.

Closets – Your linens will be folded and put on shelves.  Your clothing will be hung up or folded and stored on shelves or in drawers as they were in your previous home.

Finally, all packing material and boxes will be collected and removed from your property.